Corey C: Corey was homeless for many years and remained an active volunteer for the different agencies on campus throughout all that time. Corey had also mentored many of the youth on campus to stay out of trouble and keep their heads up during their difficult time. Although Corey had a difficult time getting himself out of homelessness, he knew a lot about the different services and would often advise other clients where to go to get the help they needed. Corey was able to get housed by being connected to the Peer Team, a support group of individuals who formerly experienced homelessness. He was able to maintain his appointments with his clinic and received a housing voucher. Corey now enjoys being able to have a place of his own and the ability to relax while watching TV.

Patricia Melanson or better known on Campus as Big Momma was a long time client of the HSC. She spent her days looking after her Street kids and volunteering for St. Vincent De Paul. She often was known to voice out the concerns of the clients. She was housed through a collaboration of the Peer support team and Empact. She now spends her days hanging out with her friends in her apartment and waiting to bring her dog home.

Raymond S: Raymond only liked to be called Ray. He was known as tech man on Campus because he always had his music system hooked up and would play music per requests. Other than the frequent music request, Ray liked to be left alone. Ray is very strong minded and had a difficult time working with the agencies on campus because he never felt like anyone truly cared. After being connected to the Peers, a support group of individuals who formerly experienced homelessness, Ray did great! The Peers were able to successfully connect him to the mental health assistance he needed. Ray received his housing Voucher and within a day he found an apartment. Ray now spends his days setting up and working on the latest technology devices.

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