Lodestar Day Resource Center


A safe, engaging, holistic community that empowers people to end their homelessness and create positive, long-term life changes.


A national model for ending homelessness.


We are guided by our belief in dignity, diversity, innovation, creativity, empowerment, community, responsibility, and collaboration.

28 March 2010 3 Comments


Thank you for visiting our website. YOU are very important to us.

Every day, the Lodestar Day Resource Center (LDRC) works to help hundreds of individuals end their homelessness. However, we are not only focused solely on our individual clients. We see homelessness as a societal challenge; as long as one individual in Maricopa County is sleeping on the street, there is more work that we all must do, together. We are also passionate about engaging individuals with homes to get involved, and to learn more about the amazing transformations that happen every day at the LDRC. We do not simply want our clients to find homes, but we want to help them look at their lives in a holistic way – to “create positive, long-term life changes.”

Describing the LDRC on a website absolutely cannot give the reader a full picture. The LDRC is a place of healing, productivity, and transformation – please come visit us – come experience. Please contact us to request a tour of our facility.